Project Name Mars Lander

Quality textures for AAA games.

Package contains over 50 materials with over 200 seamless textures. <
Majority of materials have diffuse, normal, height & ambient occlusion texture.
Textures have been saved in DDS format, unfortunately Unity disallow publishing DDS so converted to jpg. If you required DDS let me know and I will give you an access to raw format.

Texture are divided into categories:
- Environment -> Grass, Rock, Sand, Soil, Tree
- Floor -> Asphalt, Carpet, Concrete, Gravel & Rock, Medieval, Stone, Wood, Metal
- Glass
- Leather
- Misc
- Roof
- Sci Fi
- Walls -> Bones, Brick, Concrete, Metal, Rock, Temples

Could not find a texture you were looking for? Let me know and I will add it into package!

  • Author: AbDeveloper
  • Released: 5th January 2016
  • Technologies:Unity 3d, Blender, Photoshop, Visual Studio
  • Direct link to store: Unity 3d

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