Project Name Interactive Solar System

Project recently upgraded to Unity 5

New features in Version 3.00
Mobile support
Pinch to zoom
Improved rotation around the planets
- Increased resolution to 8192x8192 px for most of the planets.

- New realistic atmosphere shader(control amount of atmosphere, color, radius)

- Free rotation around the planets

- Planets information (Dynamically read from txt files - easy to modify)

- Planets orbiting around the Sun(Individual planet orbit speed can be adjusted as well as global speed for all of the planets)

- 4 different Planet meshes (Super low, low, medium and high poly)

- 4 new satellites (more to come)

Package contain 9 planets, 5 satellites and Sun.

- Main Camera setup with UI
- Mercury
- Venus
- Earth
- Moon
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Saturn
- Uranus
- Neptune
- Pluto

- Phobos, Deimos, Io, Europa

Make sure you make backup before importing

Textures in Unity set to 2048x2048 to reduce import time.

  • Author: AbDeveloper
  • Released: 2nd April 2014
  • Technologies:Unity 3d, Blender, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Quixel, Substance Painter
  • Direct link to store: Unity 3d

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